Brunch On Harriet


Brunch On Harriet (BOH) is a national brunch review site. BOH provides brunch seekers quality reviews of brunch offers based on cost, location, atmosphere, customer service and taste. The site offers review on brunch offerings in major cities throughout the country that cost $20 or less. The name “Harriet” is a nod to the anticipated inclusion of Harriet Tubman on the twenty dollar bill.

Target Audience

Millennials – with a preference towards black millennials. Brunch seekers who are fun, happy-go-lucky, and laid back. The target audience sees brunch not only as a meal but as an opportunity to relax, (re)connect with friends and to experience new places and appreciate quality + affordable cuisine.

Initial typography brainstorm

Primary Logo + Variations

The primary logo is a minimalistic typographic logo that simply states the review site’s name. A minimalistic design was created to appeal to millenials while emphasizing the nod to Harriet Tubman in a non alienating way for non-black millenials. Instead of just limiting color palette ( a hallmark of minimalism) I incorporated a clean, uncluttered layout, effective use of white space and a slight interruption of symmetry to emphasize the “H” in Harriet. I also made use of bright contrasting colors with a textured script font pair with a modernized serif font. The secondary logo is the inverse of the main logo and can be used in circumstances where the boldness of the primary logo is not needed. The logo variation is elegantly understated with the brand’s name in a modernized serif font paired with “$20” in a script font to subtly highlight the importance of the currency  and its value. The brand mark is the “H” from Harriet in the brand’s primary and accent colors. The “H” was selected as the brand mark to again emphasize the brand’s connection to Harriet Tubman in an apparent but non-aggressive format.


The typography for this logo were selected based on the need to appeal to millenials in a way that expresses expertise but also comes across as fun-loving and laid back. The modernized serif font (Century Schoolbook) was used to convey feelings of reliability and comfort. While the scripted font (Brownhill Script) was used to convey creativity, warmth and festivity.


The colors for this brand needed to be gender-neutral. Other considerations for colors included invoking feelings of trust, liveliness, luxury and joy. The primary color used in the logo is victoria, a blue-purple color, that is often associated with trust, tranquility luxury and expertise. The red-orange and golden yellow are associated with warmth, joy and enthusiasm to balance the tranquility of the blue-purple color. Also included in the palette is pastel violet to serve as warm but muted undertone.


Photography, graphic elements and patterns are an unique opportunity to channel a brand’s essence into something that will take the identity to the next level. Through this application you can envision how the color, type, photography and logo all come together as a cohesive brand. These images are only mock-ups to help you imagine the brand in context. You can used customized icons to indicate menu features such as meatless options, seafood, gluten-free, vegan, group friendly and favorites. Your branding can also be applied to promotional items like stickers to the right. Or you can create branded stationary, social media graphics, business cards and other collateral like below.  Overall, the brand identity reflects the expertise of the singular brunch reviewer yet the warmth, relaxation and sophistication the brunch seekers can expect from the reviews on the site.