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Hi! Im Christa Timil

Designer | Strategist | Educator
So if you spent a little time with me on my homepage you know that I’ve stopped chasing trendy. And you probably want to know more about how and why I came to that decision. But before I start spilling my guts and getting all vulnerable with you I’d like to properly introduce myself.

My name is Christa Timil and I’m a designer, strategist, and educator. I create distinctive visual identities that allow my clients to stand out in a sea of trendy and exert influence in their industry.

I pair my knowledge in design and psychology with my experience as an educator to help ambitious and purposeful entrepreneurs like you build timeless brands.

So back to the story you came here for, How I decided to stop chasing trendy…

So, if you are new around here you might not know this but I taught both high school and middle school for some years. And during this time I was also running my design business part-time. But I wasn’t experiencing the growth that I was expecting in my business.

I was really confused and honestly quite disappointed. I was making sure I was investing in my craft and my business systems, taking classes in design and business on all the new tips and tricks, investing in software to assist client onboarding and doing consult calls like a mad woman. All for naught. Sigh.

As a designer, I’m a little embarrassed to admit this but I significantly changed up my branding multiple times because I was chasing trendy. Not just in design but in my services and other aspects of my business. I was doing what everyone else was telling me to do. But one day I realized that was craziness! How many times do we copy what others are doing so we can stand out? Do you hear how ridiculous that sounds!? I was trying to stand out and be different by doing what everyone else was doing!


I’m sure you can relate to this. You are a business owner. You are doing all the things you believe will lead to growing your business. You offer great services, have amazing customer relations and invest regularly in improving your process and craft. And you know what that means? You are headed for inevitable unbelievable success! I know this because you are the real deal.

But let me ask you something? Aren’t you tired of chasing trendy? I sure was. So I prayed and asked God for guidance and decided to look at what I really wanted for my business and suggest you do the same. Once you get clarity you can make some intentional choices for your business. After asking myself these questions I determined what I really wanted was to have a lasting impact on my clients. I wanted to help them design timeless brands that grew and adapted with them.

So I went back to the basics. What is design? What is its purpose? Design is so much more than just pretty colors and fancy fonts. Great design solves problems. It takes the issue and visually offers a solution.

So I started with myself. My problem was I was chasing trendy instead of crafting a design that spoke to who my business was both currently and in my future endeavours. I reworked my visual identity to target timeless qualities and I shaped it around the impact I wanted to have. My business’ visual identity can now grow with my business without having to do a major rebrand each time I level up.

I had the most amazing experience working with StudioKeyes for my business! Christa worked with me to bring my ideas to life. When I saw the finished product, I was blown away. I definitely recommend her services!

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Co-Owner, Sisters-In-Medicine

Be Timeless.

I would love the opportunity to design a timeless brand for you too. Head over to my work-with-me pages so I can share my process and get you started on standing out in a sea of trendy by designing a brand that stands the test of time.

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